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Natural Wood Fabrication - From Concept to Build


Not everyone can exceed expectations. It takes vision, craftsmanship, and an eye for quality. At Cypress Creek Woodworking, we turn concepts into stunning works of art. Experience unrivaled craftsmanship with us.


There is a genuine skill to utilizing natural woods, comprehending the unique characteristics of each species and its limitations. Merging this knowledge seamlessly with a customer’s desired aesthetics and practical requirements is a meticulous process. At Cypress Creek Woodworking, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship with genuine woods.


At Cypress Creek Woodworking, we have a deep appreciation for the intricacies of designing spaces like kitchens. While they may initially appear simplistic, the process of balancing the needs of multiple appliances, meeting customer preferences, and working within the constraints of room layouts reveals the true complexity. It is akin to solving a challenging puzzle, where the secret to a successful project lies in our unwavering attention to detail.


It’s a journey to take a customer’s idea, sketch it on paper, and bring it to life. Each request is unique, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Working with raw materials like wood, transforming them into functional pieces for your home is what we do. Learn more about our projects.

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Long before envisioning the initial cut, Cypress Creek Woodworking meticulously designs plans that capture the essence of the client’s vision, paying utmost attention to every intricate detail. With our skilled and experienced team, our workshop is conveniently located on site, ensuring efficient completion of your project. Contact us today and let’s collaborate in crafting something truly extraordinary together.



The kitchen holds immense significance within any home. At Cypress Creek Woodworking, we take pride in designing, engineering, delivering, and installing all custom woodwork projects. Trust us to transform your kitchen into a remarkable space that exudes elegance and functionality.