Custom Projects

Nook Cabinet & Barn Doors – Waynesville NC

One of the benefits to working directly with a custom build company, is the ability to adjust and make changes mid stream in your project … As an example, we were in directly in the middle of fabricating a large custom cabinet package for a cabin (including kitchens, bathrooms, bar, live edge wood tops, reclaimed beam fire place mantels and built ins) the customer calls and says “hey i think Id like to add a couple more items”. So we arranged to meet up at the cabin a few days later to go over the new ideas. They described what they wanted, we took a few measurements, got back to the shop and had a few drawings made by the next day. After approval from client same day, we acquired more materials and actually put the added projects  right in to production alongside with what was already being made so there was no time loss for installation time line.

We enjoy providing a professional but yet personal one on one feeling service, where the client gets undivided attention through the whole process from start to finish with their project. No matter how large or small, you get the personal attention your project requires.

Furniture Piece – Waynesville NC

We had a repeat client give us a call and ask if we could make a custom furniture piece. They had something specific in mind but could not find it anywhere: a king size bed frame that would sit in the middle of the room; with a dresser built on the backside of the headboard and two end tables all attached as one unit . . . A few days later we met up in person in the shop to go over some sample pictures and styles, colors and wood species; then sketch up some rough ideas to achieve a concept of size and style. After coming to an understanding of the desired vision, we spent time over the next couple weeks to draft up a detailed scaled drawing of the concept. And after getting the clients approval, we went to work acquiring the needed lumber and materials.

Its always a challenge to build something you’ve never seen before. But the challenge is worth the reward, as you see the project slowly take shape and come to reality, its a joy to see the clients reaction as they see right before their eyes what was simply an idea mere weeks earlier.

As the time arrived to deliver and assemble the custom furniture piece on site, we were thrown another curve ball: could it also have lights and electric outlets built into it. So now we had to customize our custom furniture creation. But when it was all done, and assembled in place, it was quite a furniture piece to be proud of that people still talk about. And thats the goal, to bring a customer’s concept to life.

Custom Railing – Waynesville NC

While working on the cabin, the client asked if we could assist with redoing and matching the existing hand rails where some changes were made during construction. When matching pre-existing work there’s always a challenge in acquiring the right material and installing it so it looks seamless with the rest of the work in the house.

In this case, we actually had to locate and source the right lumber; which we did after some searching at a lumber mill. We acquired a live edge slab big enough to be processed down to the size railing we needed. After we got it back to the project then we could proceed with matching it to the style of the rest of the house and continue into the installation phase.

After all said and done, you could not tell a difference as you walked through the cabin what was newly changed and what was original. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality work no matter the challenge.